• QAutomate offers All-in-One tool
    for testing Web technology based applications.
  • QAutomate is now under Freeware license! New licensing model
  • QAutomate in the market is the most
    versatile, efficient and innovative!

    Added value promises:


        End User Satisfaction

       Cost Efficiency

        Quality Optimization



Test Automation Pathfinder

The QAutomate User Interface and features were designed paying special attention to the needs of the software test engineers and the developers.

QAutomate offers a greatly versatile SW testing tool for designing and running automated tests in Web based platforms. The user interface was developed keeping SW developers and Test engineers needs in mind. Visual UI enables scripting without need to writing any code.


Are you tired of typical software test automation challenges? Let us help you with,

- Autogenerated test methods to ease and speed up test writing
- Static and dynamic element locator handling
- Automatic waiting to webpage to sync
- Frame and window handling
- Dynamic table handling
- Collecting and controlling test data
- Active test maintenance

See the difference between QAutomate and traditional testing methods?

QAutomate - The New Generation of Test Automation!

QAutomate vs. Traditional Methods