QAutofamily products

QAutofamily products offers solution for designing and creating test automation, exploratory testing, (RPA) robotic process automation,

end-user web monitoring and DevOps testing cloud. Our products are using popular in tool chains and have good integration for open-source tools

Robot Framework, Selenium, Python, Javascript and Jenkins. Freeware license helps you get easy starting. With our smart data processing and computer based intelligence we are ready to help Test engineers,  Test Automation engineers, DevOps, and Developers to enjoy cost efficient solution. Test scripts and RPA use cases are based on Robot Framework standards.


QAutoflow - As simple as browsing (Freeware license)

QAutoflow is a tool for designing and visualizing exploratory tests, automated tests and robotic process automation (RPA) use cases for Web based platforms. It is working as a Chrome browser extension. In the core QAutoflow utilizes Javascript, Python, Selenium to capture user events. With QAutoflow's simplified UI, test design isn't just for coding gurus! Handle test specification and test creation at the same time by combining test design flexibly capture user's flow and paths. QAutoflow supports Robot Framework keywords speeding up and enhancing flow creation. (Freeware license)

QAutorobot - Replace human work by machine (Freeware and subscription license)

QAutorobot is a testing tool for Web platforms based on Selenium Webdriver and Python. Visual Designer helps you to Robot Framework build test, debug and refactor test script maintenance and control. It will use test execution engine and test reporting as Robot Framework. With QAutorobot you can transform (QAutoflow) flow script data to maintainable Robot framework tests. QAutorobot is freeware tool. Transforming flows to Robot Framework script needs test creator subscription. By purchasing license for QAutorobot test creator subscription, you will save human work by 60-90%.

QAutocloud - Scale test executions (Subscription license)

QAutocloud is scalable testing cloud and DevOps environment. It uses AWS or Azure as cloud platform with On-demand machines handling. For handling CI/CD pipelines it uses Jenkins which is the most popular open source CI/CD automation server. ​Verify execution most common real browsers for UI testing.

QAutoRPA - Orchestrator for robots

QAutoRPA solution is flexible and extendable solution for design, document RPA process, create and managing Robots.Read more QAutoRPA  

QAutoLive - End-user performance live monitoring (Contact for more information)

End-user performance monitoring from real user web flows.