• QAutomate offers All-in-One tool
    for testing Web technology based applications.
  • QAutomate is now under Freeware license! New licensing model
  • QAutomate in the market is the most
    versatile, efficient and innovative!

    Added value promises:


        End User Satisfaction

       Cost Efficiency

        Quality Optimization



Making things easier

QAutomate - Test automation tool

QAutomate offers a greatly versatile SW testing tool based on Selenium Webdriver for designing, running automated tests in Web based platforms, extending tests with Python and Robot Framework libraries and integrating it to your favorite tool chain.


We have noticed that typical web software test automation challenges are e.g

  • Handling and creation of web element locators
  • Handling web page content in dynamic elements, lists and tables
  • Test maintenance problems when changes happen
  • Controlling and handling test data
  • Web page window and frame handling in tests
  • Test script waiting and synchronization web page and process loading

The biggest general constraint in test automation on is keeping the cost efficiency while enabling maintenance for the test case scripts. Additional costs are also easily gained from the necessity of having multiple separate testing tools for different platforms under testing.

QAutomate is the answer to these challenges

QAutomate encapsulates a great selection of solutions into a single testing tool. QAutomate goal is provide cost-efficient test automation. Our approach is to find optimal way to test creation and maintenance processes.

Let us help you with our technology solutions:

  • QAutomate simplifies steps using more efficiently computer power and smart data, technologies, add-ons and plugins to achieve targets
  • QAutomate Visual Designer helps you to build test flow, debug and refactor faster
  • QAutomate offers active test maintenance, semi-automatic test documentation and extensive test reports

QAutomate is designed to test automation - and test engineers and for programmers to provide all the tools you need for making web test automation. Visual Designer UI also enables scripting without need for writing the code as far.