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What is it?

QAutoflow is a Chrome extension and freeware tool for designing automated tests and robotic process automation (RPA) in Web based platforms. Tool collects user actions and save flow script data which can be transformed to Robot Framework script with QAutorobot – Test creator subscription. Since it is as simple as browsing, it will let new teammates to participate automation creation in software development.

Why use it?

Combine flow specification and flow creation processes with QAutoflow. With QAutoflow tool you can flexibly create the user's flow and paths. Tool idea is to collect user actions and save test flows as script files and visualization as a HTML document. There are three types of user actions. User action can be normal mouse click or input keyboard events. Verification steps can be added easily with mouse right click. Third action is existing Robot Framework keyword execution during the flow creation. This will enable mixing web actions and external actions that are not related to UI in to the same flow.

Flow design for multi-purposes

  • Regression testing
  • RPA
  • End-user monitoring
  • Exploratory testing

Key features

  • Simple install and usage as Chrome extension
  • RPA / Test case design for Web based applications and interfaces/API
  • Exploratory testing mode
  • Visualization of flow specification with HTML document
  • Integration to QAutorobot tool – Test creator subscription
  • Support for iframes, new browser tabs
  • User action collection:
    • Left mouse clicks, keyboard inputs
    • Right mouse click advanced actions
      • Text verification
      • Value verification
      • Attribute verification
      • Greater, Lesser, RegExp verifications
      • Run Robot keyword as user action
        • You can take advantage existing implemented Robot Framework keywords.
  • Compatible Windows, Linux, Mac



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