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What is it?

QAutoflow is a tool for

1. Designing automated tests and robotic process automation (RPA) in Web based platforms.
2. It is a freeware tool for designing and visualizing end-user flows and paths.
3. QAutoflow is a Chrome extension - browse webpages while inserting teststep descriptions.

Tool will collect user actions and save test flow script data which can be transformed to Robot Framework test script with QAutorobot – Test creator plugin. Since it is as simple as browsing, it will let new teammates to participate automation creation in software development.

Why use it?

Testing is an essential step in software production process. Combine test specification and test creation processes with QAutoflow. Why leave testing to developers alone while any teammate can easily do the job? Spread automation to whole project team.  

QAutoflow simplifies test case creation by integrating it to basic daily browsing.

Test design

  • Easy to learn
  • Make user flows as browsing
  • Add verifications steps to user flows
  • Creates test script data (automation skeleton)


Tool features

  • Simple install and usage as Chrome extension
  • Partial support for iframes, new browser tabs
  • Run robot script as precondition in browser
  • Command prompt runner
  • Compatible Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Visualization of flow specification with HTML document
  • Link test specification csv format to test management tool
  • Integration to QAutorobot tool – Test creator plugin



QAutoflow Downloads