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What is it?

QAutorobot is a testing tool for Web platforms based on Robot Framework, Selenium Webdriver and Python. It will use standard Robot Framework test engine in executing and reporting.

QAutorobot UI consists of Generator, Designer, Transform and Action word wizard.

  • Generator lets you create directory structure, model of the webpage or desired area of the page and screenshots which are used later on in Designer.
  • Designer helps you build your test, debug and refactor.
  • Transform helps manage and edit created flows before transformation.
  • Action word wizard helps you create re-usable Robot Framework action words.

Why use it?

QAutorobot is freeware tool to control and maintain scripts. QAutorobot UI lets you design, debug and refactor test easier. It will give you spare time to focus on other parts of your project. Test design can be fully implemented with freeware version, but by using paid Test creator subscription, you can save human work 60-90% where QAutoflow flow data can be transformed Robot framework scripts.


  • Freeware version includes all features excluding Test creator transform


Test Creator subscription

  • Transform of QAutoflow flow data specification to maintainable Robot framework script
    • Test script (Robot Framework)
    • RPA script (Robot Framework RPA)
    • End-user monitor script (Robot Framework)
  • ​Manage & edit flows before transform
  • Support for verication text, verification of element attribute, hover, click
  • Partial support transformation iframe, new browser tab



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