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What is it?

QAutoRPA solution is flexible and extendable solution for design, document RPA process, create and managing Robots. It is based on QAutofamily tools, Robot Framework RPA, Python and Jenkins. 

RPA creation process:

1. Design & visualize - QAutoflow
- Make Robot user path (data)
- Robot process documentation (HTML)

2. Transform & finalize - QAutorobot
- Transform RPA flow automatically to Robot RPA format
- Finalize and fine tune Robot execution

3. Orchestrator - QAutoRPA
- Define Robot triggers with JSON
- Run & manage executions with orchestrator
- RPA dashboard to show admin user logs and business user reports

Why use it?

QAutoRPA is flexible and extendable solution where most of parts are free. There is no expensive license costs and no vendor lock-in. QAutoRPA orchestrator is Groove and Python library top of Jenkins to control & manage Robots. Define Robot behaviour with JSON. Scheduling provides option email, file and timer triggers. Robot task generation is based Robot behaviour JSON.

QAutoRPA dashboard is follow Robot reports and logs with showing important of Robot execution results.


Customer value

  • Design, create, manage and visualize Robots
  • Based on Robot Framework RPA standard, Python and Jenkins
  • No expensive license costs adn no vendor lock-in
  • Flexible and extendable solution
  • Re-use existing keywords during RPA flow creation
  • Fast and easy start RPA journey in your company